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Why Should You Have Branded Workwear?

Whether you’re the owner of a large company with hundreds of staff across multiple locations or an independent business owner with a small team, there are benefits to having branded workwear. In this post we’ll go over some of our top reasons that branded workwear is a must!

1: Brand Recognition

Branded workwear is incredibly important for strengthening your company image and creating a recognisable brand. Even if you’re a start-up business you’re likely to already have logo and perhaps even a website up and running. Which is great for promoting yourself online, but it is you and your staff who will be out there physically representing the business. With branded uniform your company will become instantly recognisable to potential clients, customers, investors and even the general public. Think of it like free advertising whenever you or your staff step out in your branded gear. Something as simple having your logo in embroidery can really set you apart from the competition and make you look professional.

2: Increased Visibility

If you are in the service, retail, or care industries then branded workwear is important to ensure staff are recognisable. Customers may need assistance from your staff, and if they are easy to identify this increases efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Or perhaps you and your team are attending an exhibition with hundreds of other companies and thousands of people. Not only could some brightly branded gear help you stand out from the competition, it’ll help your team easily recognise each other and stick together.

3: Your Staff Appreciate it

Providing your staff members with branded workwear is a great way to make them feel that they are a valued member of the team. It works both ways because you have a workforce that look smart and consistent, whilst your employees don’t have to worry about thinking what they will wear to work, or the extra cost of providing their own. Simple things like proving Jackets & Coats in the winter or Safetywear to keep them protected at work, all count toward making your team feel more valued, and consequently more productive and proud to work for your business.

4: The Options Are Endless

Nowadays there are an endless number of options out there when it comes to branded workwear, from stylish softshell jackets, to breathable polyester polo shirts. Whether you’re a trade that needs tough clothing or a certain spec hi-viz, or a corporate business that calls for fashionable shirts and jackets, there really are options for everyone. But it doesn’t stop there, once you’ve decided what clothing you need, there are a myriad of options when it comes to the placements and process for branding your uniform. Most companies will have traditional front left breast logo embroidery, however perhaps your company would suit better a big, colourful print. You may even want to add extra logos on the sleeves for sponsors or accreditations. Whatever your requirements, speak to us at Cressex Embroidery and we’ll ensure you have exactly what you need to kit our you company with professional branded workwear.

Why Choose us?

Here at Cressex embroidery, based in High Wycombe, we’ve been providing companies big and small with their branded workwear for over 20 years. With a combination of friendly customer service, and great industry knowledge you can be sure that we’ll provide you top quality garments, that you make you look and feel like a professional brand. We can supply all over the U.K. and ship out your items with next-day courier service. If you are in any of our surrounding areas, Marlow, Beaconsfield, Amersham, or Thame, then feel free to come and have a look around our showroom, to see the wide range of products and services we offer! Dont just take our word for it, check out our Google Reviews.

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